weekly driving lessons Glasgow

In addition to offering Intensive Driving Courses for learners in the Glasgow area, All Pass Driving also offer a range of weekly lessons to enable our pupils to fit their driving lessons around their weekly schedule.

Weekly driving lessons allow our pupils to learn in their own time without disrupting their schedules. Although this option makes it longer for you to learn, it means that you can continue your lessons without adhering to a set number of hours.

In addition to offering weekly driving lessons, All Pass Driving also offer various ‘block booking’ driving lesson packages i.e  5 hours, 7 hours and 10 hour driving lesson blocks. All Pass Driving understand that everyone learns at their own pace and therefore provide a number of lesson types to ensure that you are learning at a comfortable pace.

Weekly Lessons also offer the benefit of being able to spread your financial investment over as much time as necessary for you to feel confident enough to sit your practical driving test….and hopefully pass!  We offer fair and competitive prices for our lessons, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality service for your money.  You don’t need to pay for all your driving lessons up front when you choose this lesson plan, as we understand that you may need to take more lessons than you originally thought.

Our team of ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructors) will advise all learners when they are ‘test ready’ and when they should book their practical driving test. We will also provide regular and constructive feedback throughout the duration of your driving lessons to ensure that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses at all times.