meg-croppedCompetition between Driving Instructors and their companies in Glasgow is constantly increasing, and here at All Pass Driving we can ensure all of our customers will recieve top quality lessons towards passing their test.  As soon as you turn 17 and have your Provisional Driving Liscence in your possession, you can apply for the comprehensive range of lessons we offer here.

All Pass Driving Instructors are ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructors) and have been carefully selected to provide top quality tuition for all lessons and courses.  Our Instructors ensure that all of our customers are comfortable in their lessons, both with their progress and the Instructor themselves.  We also conduct all lessons where the practical driving test will take place, ensuring that all of our customers have confidence and know what to expect when it comes to taking their test.

All of our lessons are conducted in dual-controlled cars in order to provide all learners with peace of mind when it comes to driving without full understanding or confidence.  This enables our Instructors controll over each aspect of the drive, allowing us to rectify any mistakes when they are made.

With a wide range of course types and lengths on offer, All Pass Driving allow customers to apply and learn on a course that suits them.  With an intensive course of driving lessons ranging from seven hours to fifty hours, our team and your Driving Instructor will ensure that you are well able to pass your test by the end of your course of lessons.  All Pass Driving also offer the option of undertaking a course of lessons with or without a test at the end.  This ensures that you feel fully capable of taking your test in your own time, and therefore comes with the guarantee that our Specialists will ensure you are test ready at the end of your course.