Douglas Jagger. 10 hour intensive driving course GlasgowHere at All Pass Driving, we understand that everyone learns how to drive in their own way and at their own pace.  This can be in part due to their day-to-day lives, or simply the way in which they learn and our team of ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructors) ensure that all lessons undertaken are done to in the way that best suits all involved.

As soon as you are 17 and hold your Provisional Driving Liscence, you can enroll in lessons with All Pass Driving.  We provide top quality, friendly, professional service that gives you the best chance possible of passing your test: driving tests are becoming increasingly more stringent, and all of our Driving Instructors are completely up-to-date with all driving legislation.

Offering Weekly Driving Lessons in Paisley, All Pass Driving give learners in the area to space their lessons out in a way that is most effective for them.  Weekly Driving Lessons also give the option of paying for your lessons whenever you have them instead of in bulk, ensuring that further lessons can be taken outwith the expected number of hours until you should be ready to take your test.  We offer highly competitive prices on our lessons and courses to ensure that you get incredible value for your money without having to spend too much time behind the wheel.  Weekly Driving Lessons needs not be as expensive as you think, and All Pass Driving offer blocks of lessons that you can arrange for when is more convenient for you.

We offer weekly lessons that can have you spending one hour behind the wheel per lesson to ten hours.  This ensures that you are learning at a pace that suits you and allows our instructors to maintain your steady progress throughout your course.

While we cannot guarantee that you will pass your test first time, we ensure that we provide all learners with top quality, professional teaching in order to get them ready and qualified to take their test.  We also offer discounted lessons for those who do not pass their test first time, providing a safety net for those who do not get the expected results.