Intensive Driving Courses Lanarkshire

intensive driving courses lanarkshireIntensive Driving Course Lanarkshire Info

All Pass Driving is a reputable driving school delivering Intensive Driving Courses Lanarkshire (North or South). We’re proud of the success we’ve achieved since starting our business in 2006 and understand that our success is down to our customers feeling that they have received an excellent level of service from us.

Do you have a pressing need to pass your practical driving test? Then maybe you should consider booking one of our intensive driving courses Lanarkshire.

Contact us today on 07944 101200 or book up by paying the required course deposit payment below AND then complete our online enrolment form HERE.

7 Hours£299£237
10 Hours£415£353
15 Hours£525£463
20 Hours£755£693
25 Hours£855£793
30 Hours£955£893
35 Hours£1055£993
40 Hours£1155£1093
45 Hours£1255£1193
50 Hours£1355£1293
Man & Autol Courses
Man & Auto Courses
Test Included
Man & Auto Courses
Test Not Included
Man & Auto Courses
***All Automatic Driving Courses will incur an additional £135 charge.***

All deposit payments include a 3.4% +0.20p handling charge.



Intensive Driving Courses Lanarkshire: FAQs

Our ‘Intensive Driving Courses Lanarkshire’ will be suitable for you if:

  • You have a specific period of time you want to devote to your training
  • You want to avoid driving lesson spanning many months
  • You are attempting to pass your practical test by a specific date, i.e. next week.


If you book a course with us we’ll…

  • Provide documentation for all aspects of the course – confirmation of booking, receipts for any money paid, details of your test, accurate record of driving lessons received.
  • Provided supporting learning aids.
  • Book your test (which is included in your course fees)
  • Assign a fully qualified instructor


Delivery of the course will include…

  • Assessing the optimum method for delivering your training to meet your individual skills and needs
  • Covering all aspects of driving that you may face in your test (i.e. the DVSA curriculum)
  • Regular review of your progress
  • Honest feedback intended to ensure you get the best value from your intensive driving course Lanarkshire and your money!


Do intensive driving courses Lanarkshire really work?

Yes, they most certainly do! For starters, you’ll be more focused when you book an intensive driving course in Lanarkshire, for the simple reason that you’ll have a pre-defined ‘window of learning’ in which to complete all of your driving lessons before sitting your driving test. On top of this, there will be little opportunity for you to forget what happened the day before as you’ll be having your driving lessons every day on a one-2-one’ basis. In other words, your memory retention of all the important aspects and routines of learning to drive will be much better than someone who is taking a 1 hour lesson on a weekly basis – it’s really a no-brainer.

NB. When we state ‘Lanarkshire’ we mean ‘Intensive Driving Courses North Lanarkshire & intensive Driving Courses South Lanarkshire’.


How do I book one of your ‘Intensive Driving Courses Lanarkshire’ (North or South)?

  1. Select the course of your choice from the table above and pay the corresponding deposit.
  2. Complete our enrolment form.

Once you’ve action items 1 & 2 above, we will arrange your intensive driving course in Lanarkshire and book your practical driving