gina-croppedWe have weekly driving lessons available to people in East Kilbride who are interested in learning how to drive.

By making use of our weekly driving lessons you will be able to learn all of the skills required to take you to test standard in as little as 3-4 months.

You can expect us to assign you to one of our driving instructors who is fully qualified and experienced in providing driving lessons. Throughout the full time that you use us for our weekly driving lessons you can expect your instructor to work with you to ensure that you continue to learn new skills as well as building upon the skills that you already possess. You can expect your driving instructor to provide you with regular and genuine feedback the full time in regards to your progress, this will highlight to you the areas that you are strong in and the areas that need more work, your driving instructor will also advise you on when you should apply for your practical driving test.

Students can expect to be exposure to daily focused instruction on various roads and driving conditions/situations, this is beneficial for all new drivers.

We can provide competitive prices to those in East Kilbride who are interested in coming to us for our weekly driving lessons, these prices differ depending on the amount of lessons that you book with us, please see our website for more details on the prices of our lessons.

If you are based in East Kilbride and would like to find out more about our weekly driving lessons then you should contact us, you will then be able to talk to someone at All Pass Driving who will be able to provide you with more information about our driving lessons and the costs associated with our lessons. If you have any questions about our weekly driving lessons then we would also be more than happy to answer them for you.