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Sarah passed after completing a 10 hour intensive driving course in Glasgow.

My experience with All Pass Driving overall has been great. My instructor Alistair is excellent, very patient and understanding. Had to cancel lessons due to illness but Alistair was very accommodating fitting me into his schedule. Will definitely recommend.

- Sarah Duke

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
Reece passed after completing a 10 hour intensive driving course in Glasgow.

I've just completed a 10 hour intensive driving course in Glasgow with Alistair and the experience was second to none. Since day one Alistair has kept me reassured and confident with my driving ability. I would thoroughly recommend All Pass Driving driving school to anyone who is looking to do an intensive driving course in Glasgow (or weekly lessons). I guarantee that you will feel completely comfortable throughout the duration of your driving training.

- Reece Hodgson

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
Karen passed after completing a 15 hour intensive driving course in Glasgow.

I passed with All Pass Driving after completing a 15 hour intensive driving course in Glasgow. Alistair is a great instructor who really puts you at ease and I will definitely be recommending him to family/friends who want to copy me and learn to drive in one week or less! Thanks Alistair!

- Karen Fraser

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
Cyrus passed after completing a 30 hour intensive driving course in Glasgow.

I had a very positive experience with All Pass Driving. Alistair was a great teacher - he gave me clear instructions, was patient and my driving came along very quickly as a result. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a short period of time.

- Cyrus Danesh

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
jennifer testimonialFIRST TIME PASS - Jennifer Allan passed after completing a 25 hour intensive driving courses in Glasgow. Well done Jennifer!

First time pass after completing a 25 hour intensive course thanks to Alistair. Great instructor, honest and constructive feedback, very patient and was great to work with. First lesson was focusing on driving off and stopping, moving onto junctions and manoeuvres. Was very easy to arrange lessons and ‘All Pass Driving’ worked around your needs and availability. Thanks a lot Alistair and ‘All Pass Driving’ – I would definitely recommend.

- Jennifer Allan

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
joshua testimonialJoshua Brigain passed with an All Pass Driving 25 hour intensive driving courses in EDINBURGH. Here's what he said:

All pass driving school has been great to learn through, I'm glad to say I passed my driving practical test first time with basically no minors! Eric is a great guy to learn with A nice car. He has a lot of time, patience and control for his students and is straight to the point weather or not you will pass your test. Above all, he is also very very helpful and will answer any of your questions. Pretty expensive doing the intensive course but if you are keen to drive it's totally worth it, it says what it says on the label..."Pass in one week". Thanks, Josh Brigain.

- Josh Brigain

Intensive Driving Courses Edinburgh
craig testimonialCraig Thomson passed with an All Pass Driving 15 hour intensive driving courses in Glasgow. Read his testimonial below:

I recently passed my test after doing a 15 hour intensive course with APD and I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about learning to drive. The booking process was very straightforward and the price also very reasonable. My instructor Frances was brilliant with me as well and I can't praise her enough for all her help. All in all the service has been great from start to finish.

- Craig Thomson

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
scot testimonialScot Morrison passed with an All Pass Driving 35 hour intensive driving courses in Glasgow. Here's what he said:

I booked the 35 hour course using the online booking system which was easy to use and pretty straightforward. When we phoned up to inquire the person over the phone was helpful and knew what he was talking about.

I began my lessons with my instructor in December and then went on holiday. When I returned I took the remainder of my lessons (30 hours) over two weeks to fit into my uni/work schedule. I passed my test at Glasgow Shieldhall 'first time', in large part thanks to my patient and helpful instructor Alistair who was very attentive and quickly got to know where I needed the most work.

All in all a great experience, and I couldn't recommend All Pass Driving enough, or the intensive driving courses they offer!

- Scot Morrison

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
teresa testimonialMy name is Teresa Smyth and I have recently passed my driving test with (APD). My instructor Frances was brilliant and immediately put me at ease. She picked up very quickly on the areas I needed to focus on. Frances only had 2 days to prepare me for my test which she done easily! She also managed to keep me calm on my test day as I was extremely nervous and struggling to focus. Frances has very good people skills as well as her obvious driving tutoring ability and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wanted to start driving lessons. I would like to thank both Frances and All Pass Driving for their support in helping me pass my practical driving test.

- Teresa Smyth

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
svetlana testimonialSvetlana Demidova passed with a 35 hour intensive driving courses in Glasgow. Well done Svetlana!

I found learning to drive with to be very pupil focused – in short, it was a great learning experience. My tutor Alistair was nice and very helpful and I found his calm teaching style beneficial to my learning requirements. I also received lots of help from All Pass Driving at the booking stage and I have no hesitation in recommending this company to those people thinking of booking an intensive driving course in Glasgow or Lanarkshire.

- Svetlana Demidova

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
david testimonialDavid Moore passed 1st time after completing our ‘Buddy System’ 30 Hour Intensive Driving Course.

I would like to thank All Pass Driving for having the chance to be taught by Gerry who must be the best driving instructor out there. I booked the 30 hour ‘Buddy System’ intensive driving course in Glasgow with my partner, which meant I spent 15 hours in the driving seat and 15 hours in the rear watching and learning as Gerry put my partner through here paces. I found this an invaluable way to learn to drive, so much so that I passed FIRST time. I would highly recommend All Pass Driving to everyone. Absolutely FIRST class!!

- David Moore

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
douglas testimonialDouglas passed with one of our 10 hour intensive driving courses Glasgow.

My experience with All Pass Driving has been a totally positive one. After completing a 10 hour intensive driving course, I Passed my test. I would highly recommend taking advantage of their intensive driving courses in Glasgow. My instructor Alistair was brilliant and setting up the course was easy. Overall I'm very pleased with every aspect of All Pass Driving.

- Douglas Jagger

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow

meg testimonialMy All Pass Driving instructor Frances was lovely, very encouraging and made me feel at ease at all times. The booking process was handled very professionally by the All Pass Driving representative that I spoke with. The driving course itself was delivered superbly by Frances. She was understanding and helpful and this made me a lot more relaxed behind the wheel. She understood the parts that I was struggling and patiently gave me help in areas that needed it the most. Would definitely recommend her and to friends/family that are wanting lessons. Can't praise her enough! Thanks Frances!

- Meg Buchanan

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
jack testimonialMy All Pass Driving instructor ‘Morag’ was a brilliant instructor and made learning to drive a very enjoyable experience. Had a great time on my lessons and managed to pass 1st time after 30 hours of lessons. I cannot recommend the services of both All Pass Driving and Morag highly enough. Excellent service all round!

- Jack Turnbull

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
gina testimonialMorag was a great instructor, very friendly and easy to learn with. I really enjoyed the lessons and passed first time after two and a half months. I would like to say a big thank you to All Pass Driving too for the very professional service they provided. I highly recommend them.

- Gina Colley

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
brian testimonialFrom my very first lesson, my driving instructor Alistair was a great help in boosting my confidence, so much so that I really looked forward to all my lessons. I thought the course was well structured and well delivered, which was probably a huge factor in helping me pass 1st time. I'm glad I chose All Pass Driving. I couldn’t have done it without them.

- Brian Reilly

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
emma testimonialI would definitely recommend doing an intensive course in Glasgow, well worth the time and money. I called All Pass Driving on Tuesday evening and I was out on the road learning the very next morning!

Frances was a fantastic instructor. During lessons she was calm and friendly. She has great techniques to help learners remember the manoeuvres and skills required for driving. I also found her use of questioning during lessons very helpful, as this made me think for myself. I have now passed my driving test after only 2 and a half weeks. Thank you All Pass Driving!

- Emma McCann

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow John Passed with a 10 hour intensive driving course in Hamilton.
john testimonialI enrolled on a 10 hour intensive driving course to prepare me to sit my extended test. The communication from booking with Alistair at All Pass Driving to speaking to the instructor Frances was excellent even although the test date was at short notice. Frances was an excellent instructor and concentrated on what manoeuvres and procedures were relevant and monitored my general driving with input when required. After driving for the full 80 minutes on the extended test I passed with two minor faults. I couldn't have passed without Frances's great style of instruction. I have no doubts in recommending this company. Excellent value.

- John Macdonald

Intensive Driving Courses Lanarkshire
heather testimonialHeather passed with a 15 hour intensive driving course in Glasgow.

I really cannot fault my experience with All Pass Driving! I had previously taken lessons with another instructor, but I decided to book an intensive driving course of 15 hours in order to pass my driving test quickly. I felt really apprehensive but all contact from the company was professional and relaxed and I only wish I booked sooner. Amanda was an amazing instructor, any questions I asked her were explained really well and she spent time drawing out bits of the road if I still wasn't sure. She really put me at ease and made me a more confident and safer driver. I passed first time and would recommend this company to anyone!!

- Heather Campbell

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow
alison testimonialAlison passed with a 30 hour intensive driving course in Glasgow.

My driving instructor Alistair was very hands on and honest from the word go. He covered all the important elements of driving in good time, giving me scope to build my confidence. I would definitely like to recommend taking an intensive driving course in Glasgow with All Pass Driving as being an excellent, cost effective and above all, quick way to pass your driving test. I highly recommend this company.

- Alison Bell

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow