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We have been providing intensive driving courses in Kent for many years.  From Tonbridge Wells to Margate and Dartford to Folkestone, we provide driving lessons and driving courses in the whole county of Kent.
Whether you wish to learn over 1 week, 2 weeks (or even longer), we’ve got an appropriate learner driving course to ensure that you’re at test standard on the day of your practical driving test.  Read on for more information……

7 Hours£317£255
10 Hours£417£355
15 Hours£597£535
20 Hours£777£715
25 Hours£877£815
30 Hours£977£915
35 Hours£1077£1015
40 Hours£1177£1115
45 Hours£1277£1215
50 Hours£1377£1315
Manual Courses
Manual Courses

All deposit payments include a 3.4% +0.20p handling charge.



All driving tuition is provided in manual and automatic cars. Please advise your preference at time of booking.

Intensive Driving Courses are widely regarded as being the fastest, most popular and cost effective way for a person to pass their driving test. Regular daily driving lessons accompanied with frequent prompting from a driving instructor ensure that our driving pupils learn new skills at a faster rate than those pupils learning over several months.

If (with our help) you choose the appropriate driving course to suit your ability, there is an excellent chance that you will have passed the driving test within 1 week.

Intensive or ‘Crash’ driving course are the definite way forward if you have a busy lifestyle/schedule and just cannot set aside precious time for weekly driving lessons? When you think about it, it’s really a no brainer!

Life in the 21st century moves at a much faster pace than ever before. The need to be able to drive ourselves about the country for whatever reason, is greater now than it ever has been.

Our range of fast track driving courses have been developed to cater for every level of learner driving ability.

Do you want to enrol onto an ‘Intensive Driving Courses in Kent’? If so, please pay the required deposit & take a few minutes to fill out our online enrolment form and leave the rest to us.

The following charges/information apply to ALL of our Intensive Driving Courses in Kent.

  1. All deposit payments include a 3.4% + 0.20p handling charge.
  2. A £22 arrangement fee applies to all driving courses booked in Kent.
  3. All Automatic Courses in Kent incur an extra £100 charge with the exception of our 7 hour course which incurs an extra £75.
  4. A £50 fee to use our driving instructors car on test day applies to all of our driving courses.
  5. Your right to cancel an order starts the moment you place your order and doesn’t end until 14 days from the day your order is delivered i.e. our emailed contract.
  6.  When booking an intensive driving course with APD you do so in the knowledge that you are agreeing to our terms and conditions before doing so.

Cancellation Policy:
If a client cancels their intensive driving course in Kent it is agreed that the course deposit fee is non-refundable unless agreed otherwise or within the agreed refund period.
Please refer to our terms and conditions to find out more.

Practical Driving Test Management:
It is the sole responsibility of each pupil to manage their own practical driving test once it has been booked.  APD will happily do this on your behalf but there is a management fee of £19 for each action executed i.e. change of test date, cancellation, etc.