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We provide driving training in all areas of Ayrshire and have done so for several years. We’ve helped many people to pass their driving test within  1 or 2 weeks with our ‘Intensive Driving Courses Ayrshire’ packages and we’re confident that we can help you obtain a full UK driving license as soon as possible too!

7 Hours£231£169
10 Hours£299£237
15 Hours£387£325
20 Hours£487£425
25 Hours£587£525
30 Hours£687£625
35 Hours£797£735
40 Hours£897£835
45 Hours£997£935
50 Hours£1097£1035
Manual Courses
Manual Courses
Test Included
Manual Courses
Test Not Included
Manual Courses
***All Automatic Driving Courses will incur an additional £60 charge.***

All deposit payments include a 3.4% +0.20p handling charge.





Is an 1 or 2 week Driving Course the correct route for me?

  • If you are short of time ‘get the job done’, then YES!
  • If you are able to process information and learn new skills quickly, YES again!
  • Got a real desire to pass your driving test within the next few weeks? Contact us today!


What does the course include?:

  • Full course documentation ie. Enrolment Form, Receipt and Lesson Record Forms.
  • FREE Practical Driving Test.
  • ‘One2One’ tuition – NO shared training with another pupil.
  • Regular course review and feedback from your allocated driving instructor.
  • Access to 20+ FREE Driver Training DVD’s


Can I really pass my driving test in a few weeks time?

Yes, you certainly can….and many people do JUST that! Unlike taking the traditional route of learning to drive over several months where all too often a pupil can forget what was covered in their previous driving lesson, taking an intensive driving course literally saturates the pupil on a daily basis with all the required knowledge, thereby making it difficult to forget what was covered previously. Your ability to retain information will pleasantly surprise you!
We have been successfully delivering our ‘Intensive Driving Courses Ayrshire’ packages for many years and believe that we can assist you in achieving the result on test day that you’re hoping for.

NB. A course arrangement fee of £13 will be charged to all purchased intensive driving courses Ayrshire.


I want to book up, how can I do this?

  1. Select the training package you require above and pay the deposit payment.
  2. Fill out our enrolment form and we’ll arrange your driving test for you.